PLEXUS 33 _ 25th OF JAN 2018


PLEXUS 32 _ 14th OF DEC 2017


  SPEAKERS: – Mateusz Zwierzycki // Object / CITA     – Oliver Krieg // ICD Stuttgart Oliver David Krieg is an expert in computational design and digital fabrication in architecture. His research is characterized by a focus on integrative processes and close collaborations between engineering, biology, material science, sustainability analysis, building physics, […]

PLEXUS 31 _ 23rd OF NOV 2017


  – Matthijs la Roi // UCL – The Bartlett Matthijs la Roi, is an experimental architect based in London. He studied architecture at the Hyperbody Research Group at the Delft University of Technology where he graduated Cum Laude. Currently Matthijs runs a cluster at the Design for Manufacture Master at the Bartlett together with […]

PLEXUS 30 _ 28th OF APRIL 2017


PLEXUS 29 _ 23rd OF MARCH 2017


PLEXUS 28 _ 9th OF MARCH 2017

Sonumbra de Vincy

“PROFUSION” – Jelle Feringa // Odico + EZCT  Jelle Feringa is co-founder of Odico formwork robotics and EZCT Architecture and Design Research. While developing his PhD thesis at Hyperbody TU Delft, Jelle established a robotics lab at the RDM innovation dock, in the harbor of Rotterdam in 2011. This research formed the technological foundation for […]

PLEXUS 27 _ 16th OF FEB 2017


“ABUNDANCE” – Daniel Widrig // Daniel Widrig Studio  Daghan Cam // AI-Build  INT (Claudia Tanskanen) // The Bartlett RC4 Josef Musil + Jan Dierckx // Foster + Partners Specialist Modelling Josef Musil is an associate and a computational designer at Foster + Partners in London, where he is part of the research and […]

PLEXUS 26 _ 24th OF NOV 2016


“CONTINUITY”   – Roland Snooks // Studio Roland Snooks + RMIT Roland Snooks is the director of the architecture practice Studio Roland Snooks and research lab Kokkugia. He is a senior lecturer at RMIT University having previously taught widely in the US, including at Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania, SCI-Arc and the Pratt Institute. Roland […]

PLEXUS 25 _ 12th OF APR 2016


PLEXUS 24 _ 5th OF APR 2016


PLEXUS 23 _ 28th OF APR 2016


PLEXUS 22 _ 12th OF FEB 2016


  “AUSTRIA” Guest Curated by Gilles Retsin Speakers: Daniel Köhler // lab EDS, ioud Isaie Bloch // Eragatory   Sille Pihlak, Siim Tuksam // PART EEA Adam Vukmanov // Atelier Vukmanov  

PLEXUS 21 _ 17th OF DEC 2015


  “OTHERWORLD” Speakers: Carlos Conceição // Industrial Light & Magic     Filippo Nassetti // Zaha Hadid Architects   Hyunchul Kwon // UCL The Bartlett

PLEXUS 20 _ 23rd OF NOV 2015


  “THREE YEARS LATER” Speakers: Davide Quayola   Quayola is a visual artist based in London. He investigates dialogues and the unpredictable collisions, tensions and equilibriums between the real and artificial, the figurative and abstract, the old and new. His work explores photography, geometry, time-based digital sculptures and immersive audiovisual installations and performances. Quayola’s work has been exhibited […]

PLEXUS 19 _ 30th OF APRIL 2015


“TRANSMUTATION” Speakers: Frederik Vanhoutte // HeMesh Frederik Vanhoutte is a medical radiation physicist with a PhD in experimental solid state physics. Having long left the world of academia behind him, he works in a regional hospital helping patients fight cancer. When rain hits the windscreen, he sees tracks alpha particles trace in cells. When he […]

PLEXUS 18 _ 26th OF MARCH 2015


“COALESCENCE” Speakers: Marshmallow laser Feast    Richard Beckett // UCL Bartlett     Richard is a Teaching Fellow at the Bartlett School of Architecture, where he is co-founder of BiotA lab on the MArch AD course with Marcos Cruz and runs the digital manufacturing centre (DMC London). He initially studied biochemistry before going […]

PLEXUS 17 _ 26th OF FEB 2015


“OPEN-FIELD” Speakers: Yuri Suzuki      Alex Haw // Atmosstudio   Owen Lloyd     Felix Faire Sam Conran   Live Performances: Paul Bavister & Kreider + O’Leary Emma-Kate Matthews    

PLEXUS 16 _ 29th OF JAN 2015


“OPEN-FIELD” Speakers: Niccolo Casas Niccolò Casas is a designer, architect and professor. His work aims to highlight the convergence of architecture, technology and fashion design. Casas is currently working toward his PhD from the Bartlett School of Architecture at University College of London,where he focus is on Catabiosis as aesthetic of (high) entropy.He currently teaches at RISD […]

PLEXUS 15 _ 27th OF NOV 2014


“GAME-CHANGE” Speakers: Xavier De Kestelier / Foster + Partners Xavier De Kestelier is joint head of Foster + Partners’ Specialist Modelling Group (SMG), the architecture practice’s multi-disciplinary research and development group. With this team of computational architects and engineers, he has worked on projects such as Beijing Airport, Kai Tak Cruise Terminal, Kuwait Airport and the Yachtplus […]

PLEXUS 14 _ 30th OF OCT 2014


“GAME-CHANGE” Speakers: Andy Lomas / The Foundry Andy Lomas is an award winning digital artist and supervisor of computer generated effects. He is currently employed at The Foundry as the Product Manager for Katana, helping to create software that is used by companies including Industrial Light and Magic, Pixar, Double Negative and the Moving Picture […]

PLEXUS 13 _ 26th OF JUN 2014


“INTRICACY” Speakers: Tom Beddard / Subblue Tom Beddard started his career as a laser physicist with a PhD from the University of St Andrews. But quickly moved into software development during the first dot-com boom and for the next decade worked at various agencies across Scotland building web apps and ecommerce systems. This culminated in leading the […]

PLEXUS 12 _ 1st OF MAY 2014


“OVERLAP” Speakers: Benjamin Dillenburger / Numerical Material The advancement of CNC production methods such as 3D printing is happening hand-in-hand with the increased computational power needed to calculate these high-resolution forms. For the first time, geometric complexity is no longer an impediment, but through its malleability it offers opportunity. Architecture is now at a critical […]

PLEXUS 11 _ 27th OF FEBRUARY 2014

rub-a-dub-RUB A DUB 02 copy

“DIGITAL-MATTER” Speakers: Jelle Feringa Jelle Feringa is currently writing a PhD thesis, titled Design-by-Simulation, exploring the potential of simulation for architectural conception, at the HyperBody Research Group, TU Delft. He is a founding partner in EZCT Architecture & Design Research. The work of EZCT is part of the permanent collection of the Pompidou Center and […]

PLEXUS 10 _ 30th OF JANUARY 2014


“DECODING” Speakers: Davide Quayola Quayola is a visual artist based in London. He investigates dialogues and the unpredictable collisions, tensions and equilibriums between the real and artificial, the figurative and abstract, the old and new. His work explores photography, geometry, time-based digital sculptures and immersive audiovisual installations and performances. Quayola’s work has been exhibited at […]