PLEXUS 03 _ 15th JAN 2013


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Special Guests:
Tobias Klein

Studio Tobias Klein – we are operating in the between of Art & Architecture, across the fields of installation, experimental design, interactivity and urbanism. Trained internationally as an architect, the studio’s principal Tobias Klein’s work maintains a fascination with the construct of space, while questioning its modern understanding. Through the varied works covering different scales and sizing, the studio achieves a re-positioning of this understanding in the context of embodiment, perception and projection. The studio’s production constantly evolves between static and dynamic models, shifting from objects to installations and design, prospecting new visual territories in the field of narrated embodied space.


Madhav Kidao

Madhav Kidao is a graduate of the Bartlett’s MSc Adaptive Architecture and Computation masters and is as a recent graduate of Bartlett MArch Unit 23.
Madhav has worked for a diverse range of architecture and design practices in the UK, The Netherlands and Japan. His research and design interests are primarily focused towards the evolving and symbiotic relationship between society, technology and the environment, in particular exploring the architectural, sociological and philosophical impacts from the overlap of artificial systems and natural systems. His work uses photography, film, simulation and 1:1 installation as means of examining and representing these concepts as well as an exploring the often discordant relationship between computational simulation and physical reality in architectural design. He is currently collaborating with former Bartlett AAC graduate Ermis Adamantidis and AA DRL graduate Dominiki Dadatsi as part of NaNA (Not a Number Architects) on architecture projects that aim to translate their research into real world designs.

Jack Munro

Jack Munro studied undergraduate architecture at the University of Nottingham, graduating in 2008, before attending the University of Westminster to complete his Part II studies. At the University of Westminster Jack’s 5th year project, Sanguis et Pulvis, was awarded the 2012 Rawat Award for Best Graduate Portfolio and was nominated for the 2012 RIBA Silver Medal.
Jack currently works for Ordinary, a design and architecture studio whose approach is based on material research and innovation. He is also a co-founder of startup studio Micro Mega, who are working on a range of architecture, product design and sculpture projects.

Michail Desyllas

Gregory Epps




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