PLEXUS 18 _ 26th OF MARCH 2015



Marshmallow laser Feast



Richard Beckett // UCL Bartlett



Richard is a Teaching Fellow at the Bartlett School of Architecture, where he is co-founder of BiotA lab on the MArch AD course with Marcos Cruz and runs the digital manufacturing centre (DMC London).

He initially studied biochemistry before going to work in R&D for Glaxosmithkline as a material scientist. He then went on to study architecture at UCL obtaining his Dip.Arch/M.Arch within unit 20, and is currently working towards his PhD within the Bartlett School of Architecture.


His investigations in to architecture have remained cross-disciplinary focusing on physical and chemical material design (architectured materials) in architecture and fashion and more specifically, investigations into the use of living or semi-living materials in our built environment.


He is currently collaborating with fashion house Pringle of Scotland, forzagiovane and BMW and is co-founder of design and fabrication specialists Arch-T and – an online network and forum to disseminate new bio-digital work that is emerging at the crossroad of design, biology and engineering. His work is internationally published and exhibited. 


David Reeves // Zaha Hadid Architects


Dave Reeves is a designer, programmer, researcher, and part time person currently based in London where he works as a member of the Computation and Design (co|de) group at Zaha Hadid Architects. Inspired by the likes of ants, termites, slime molds, and other social organisms, his research focuses on decentralized forms of artificial intelligence and their application within the domain of architectural design. Specifically, he is interested in how distributed decision-making can be leveraged within design space to better address problems related to spatial organization, complex geometry, urban design, and building occupancy.

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