PLEXUS 32 _ 14th OF DEC 2017

Plexus London 32 - WEB-02



– Mateusz Zwierzycki // Object / CITA




– Oliver Krieg // ICD Stuttgart


Oliver David Krieg is an expert in computational design and digital fabrication in architecture. His research is characterized by a focus on integrative processes and close collaborations between engineering, biology, material science, sustainability analysis, building physics, and fabrication. As group leader of the Computational Wood Architecture group at the Institute for Computational Design and Construction, his work aims to employ the reciprocities between technology and material characteristics in order to rethink how architecture will be designed, fabricated, and constructed in the future.

With a profound interest in computational design processes and robotic fabrication in architecture, Oliver has led and participated in several research and built projects around the world that explore new potentials in timber construction. Working with wood as a natural but highly performative building material with differentiated properties, has enabled novel potentials that allow for exceedingly individualised and complex building elements and construction systems. In order to unlock this potential, an interdisciplinary and multi-facetted approach is required. The resulting material systems and prototypes evaluate the structural and spatial possibilities, ultimately pushing the boundaries of today’s architectural design research.

Prior to joining the ICD, Oliver David Krieg worked at both Foster + Partners (2009) and Barkow Leibinger Architects (2011) as an Assistant Architect. With the completion of his Diploma degree in 2012 at the University of Stuttgart, he received the faculty’s Diploma Prize for outstanding work. Since the beginning of 2010, Oliver was also a Graduate Assistant at the institute’s robotic prototype laboratory.

Oliver David Krieg has taught workshops at the RobArch 2012 and RobArch 2016 conferences, at UBC Vancouver and Tongji University Shanghai, and has given lectures at several national and international conferences in architectural design and timber construction. He has also been teaching seminars and studios at the University of Stuttgart in the context of his research since 2012. For the duration of his dissertation, Oliver is a scholarship holder of the German National Academic Foundation. His projects at the ICD have won many national and international awards and have been published in numerous magazines worldwide.

– Pablo Gil // GilBartolomé Architects

PhD Doctor In Architectural Design, The Bartlett School Of Architecture, UCL, London. 2015.
Registered Architect 16.829 At Madrid Board Of Architects
March Bartlett School Of Architecture And Planning, University College Of London. 2005
Diploma (Dipl. Arch.) Bartlett School Of Architecture And Planning, UCL. 2002-2004.
Architecture ETSAM.1997-2002.

– Deborah Lopez + Hadin Charbel // University of Tokyo

Hadin Charbel and Deborah Lopez are both architects and PhD candidates at the University of Tokyo where they have both been awarded the Monbukagakusho scholarship (MEXT) since beginning their Master’s in 2014. Hadin received his B.A in architectural studies from UCLA and Deborah a Bachelor of Arts and Master’s of Architecture from the European University of Madrid. Combined, they have worked for offices in Los Angeles, Spain, Bangkok and Beirut. Their research has been featured and presented at conferences in the United States and Europe including Technarte Art+Technology Conference (Bilbao, 2017), COCA First International Conference in Architectural Communication (ETSAM, Madrid, 2017) and most recently at ACADIA Disciplines & Disruption (MIT, Cambridge, 2017). Their recent works have focused on interdisciplinary approaches in design with themes addressing experimental fabrication techniques, sensorial spaces and ecologies at the intersection of human skill, perception and digital technologies.

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