PLEXUS 31 _ 23rd OF NOV 2017

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– Matthijs la Roi // UCL – The Bartlett

Matthijs la Roi, is an experimental architect based in London. He studied architecture at the Hyperbody Research Group at the Delft University of Technology where he graduated Cum Laude. Currently Matthijs runs a cluster at the Design for Manufacture Master at the Bartlett together with Jelle Feringa and Tim Lucas. The cluster RC101 focuses on robotic fabrication in relation to housing. Matthijs has a strong interest in bottom up design methods that involve simulation, performative evaluation and self-generation algorithms.

Matthijs won various architectural competitions such as the Belgian monument competition in 2016 with his proposal ‘Museum of Hospitality’. The museum is scheduled to open in 2019. Another recent winning competition entry by Matthijs is the design of a permanent interactive sculpture for the city of Eindhoven. This project is currently under development.




– Denis Lacej // Grimshaw Architects



– Vicente Soler // UCL – The Bartlett



– Roblox (Anna Uborevich-Borovskaya, Chenghan Yu, Hungda Chien, Yenfen Huang) // UCL – The Bartlett


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