PLEXUS 27 _ 16th OF FEB 2017


– Daniel Widrig // Daniel Widrig Studio


Daghan Cam // AI-Build


 INT (Claudia Tanskanen) // The Bartlett RC4


Josef Musil + Jan Dierckx // Foster + Partners Specialist Modelling


Josef Musil is an associate and a computational designer at Foster + Partners in London, where he is part of the research and parametric design oriented Specialist Modelling Group. In his work he focuses on applied research, application of new technologies, and algorithmic design to complex architectural and geometrical challenges.
Some of the projects he worked on include Safra neuron screen, where he built a generative model of a small section of brain also called cortical column with an automated workflow that reads 3D scans of neuroscientific scans as well as implements structural analysis and manufacturing constraints.
He also specialises on the application of small robotics within the office. This has been demonstrated by a working functional prototype of a small number of 3D printing swarm based robots for a NASA organized Mars habitat competition where Foster and Partners received second place. Other projects include a kinetic lighting sculpture activated by muscle wires and reacting to live brain wave signal reads. Currently he is looking at implementations of computer vision algorithms and 3D point cloud processing to allow industrial robot interact with its physical environment.
Josef studied as a Fulbright scholar at the University of Pennsylvania, School of Architecture,, where he received his second research MArch degree within the topics of computational design. Before that he received his first professional degree in architecture at the Czech Technical University in Prague.
Josef is enthusiastic about bridging computer science or other sciences with architecture.
Josef worked as a researcher or a tutor at UPenn, USC, UCL, and AA Visiting School.

Jan Dierckx is part of the Specialist Modelling Group at Foster + Partners where he combines an internal consultant role with research in large-scale manufacturing and the integration of robotics and automation in the office.
Jan is a Bartlett (UCL) postgraduate in Architectural Design where he researched the juxtaposition between extreme control of robotised deposition and the unpredictability of highly expansive synthetic materials. He focussed on the scripted control and process planning optimisation of industrial robotic arms and custom end-effectors.
Jan also holds a graduate degree in Civil Engineering and Architecture from Ghent University (BE). His master’s thesis The impact of 5D-building in Design Processes for wero energy homes was awarded best thesis project. He specialized in adaptive design and rapid prototyping after an exchange programme with the Computer Aided Architectural Design faculty at RWTH Aachen (GE).
His work ranges from traditional architecture, product design, parametric design to programming and software development.

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