PLEXUS 6 _ 14th OF MAY 2013




Marcin Ignac

Marcin Ignac an artist and computational designer focusing on data
visualization and generative system.

Recently he moved to London and started his own studio practice
Variable in order to pursue his interest in blending design, software
and the aesthetics emerging from data, processes and human behaviour.
At Variable he brings to life ever changing digital sculptures,
immersive installations and data driven designs with thousands of
possible outcomes.

When not working on making triangles alive in 3d space he builds on
his background in Computer Science, New Media Art and Interaction
Design to think about new tools, user interfaces and shares his
knowlede through workshops.


Ines Dantas

Inês Dantas is an architect and co-founder of the practice wuda* (Munich-
London). She splits her activity between professional practice, academic
teaching and research. Ines teaches in the University of Innsbruck and Milan
Politecnico and has lectured in institutions like the University of Brighton and
the Rizvi College of Architecture in Mumbai. Ines is currently pursuing a PhD
by Design at the Bartlett School of Architecture funded by the Fundacao da
Ciencia e Tecnologia. Ines’ work in *wuda has been published and exhibited

Niccolo Casas

Niccolò Casas is a designer, architect and professor. After studying architecture at the Università degli Studi in Florence and the I.S.A. St Luc in Brussels, he participated in a series of international projects designed to highlight the convergence of architecture, art and fashion design. He is currently a professor of Digital Modeling Techniques at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Bologna and a PhD Candidate at The Bartlett School of Architecture at University College of London, where his focus is on characteristics of “Digital Decadence” as a contemporary movement founded on the poetic of Transition and Senescence.

He has recently been invited by Gabriel Esquivel to be part of the Visiting Designer Program at the University of Texas A&M School of Architecture
for the 2013 Spring Term (T4T) together with Eric Goldemberg (Monad Studio).
He has taught Workshops focusing on Parametric design at The Università degli Studi di Genova and Florence, at London South Bank University (Studio6), at The Bartlett (Unit20 and GAD Cluster2) and at F.I.U. Florida International University.
Niccolò has recently created “Alchemy” a Fashion collection for Materialise that has been presented at the 10th Anniversary – Materialise World Conference and Turbulence a 3D printed necklace designed in collaboration with
the spanish designer Leyre Valiente for her collection “Malleus Malefiacarum”.

Martin Dittus

Martin Dittus is a trustee of the London Hackspace, a non-profit, community-run hacker space in central London. They provide a space where people who make things can come to share tools and knowledge. The London Hackspace has a great space on Hackney Road, which is open to members 24 hours a day, and holds regular free hack evenings and workshops which are open to everyone.

Martin is also a community organiser at the Electromagnetic Field camping festival, and an organiser of Hack the Barbican, a month-long interdisciplinary playground in August 2013 that will bring together artists, scientists, entrepreneurs, makers, and many others in the Barbican’s foyer spaces. Martin studied computing in Berlin, worked at the Internet startup, was awarded a master’s degree at CASA, UCL, and is currently researching data-gathering communities at the ICRI Cities, UCL.

Cohen Van Balen

Revital Cohen and Tuur Van Balen run a London based experimental practice that produces fictional objects, photographs, performances and videos exploring the tensions between biology and technology.
Inspired by designer species, composed wilderness and mechanical organs, they set out to create posthuman bodies, bespoke metabolisms, unnatural animals and poetic machines.




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