PLEXUS 8 _ 31st OF OCTOBER 2013




Isaie Bloch / Eregatory
Cutlery set - Eragatory - set

Eragatory is a versatile atelier with a focus on Design for 3D printing and Creative fabrication. 

After receiving his first master degree in experimental architecture with distinction, in 2008, at Sint-Lucas Architectuur, Ghent, Belgium, he joined the postgraduate program Excessive in 2010 lead by Hernan Diaz Alonso, at dieAngewandte, Vienna, Austria, where he gained his second master degree with distinction.
Isaïe Bloch, founder of Ergatory, focuses his ongoing research and design ambitions on the correlation between craftsmanship and Additive manufacturing within several creative domains including Architecture, Fashion and Plastic arts. Using digital tools as a new set of brushes within the plastic arts, his designs (reaching from sculptures to utensils with a ornamental character) always focus on the geometrical capacities of what 3D printing has to offer as a production technique. Not because it is a new medium but because it offers him a very specific set of geometry to work with. According to that, none of his work can be produced trough other means then 3D printing.

From 2008 on he has been working with Nick Ervinck in the field of hyperrealism exposing in Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, China, Dubai and the USA, creating a huge range of art-pieces reaching from small prints, to 3D printed sculptures and huge hand manufactured installations. Currently working under his own label “Eragatory”, he has been collaborating together with a wide range of customers and several Artists, like Iris van Herpen in the design and production of 3D printed sculptures and products.


John Harding / Ramboll


John has studied and practiced various subjects including architecture, mathematics, structural engineering, computing and design. He believes in the use of computing to facilitate a cross-disciplinary approach to design, particularly at the conceptual stage of projects. He has taught computing and architecture at the University of East London and at the University of Bath where he recently completed his doctorate. He now leads the Computational Design Group at the engineering firm Ramboll in London.


Maria E. Villafañe / AA-atelier one
Maria e v
Maria Eugenia Villafañe is an architect working in the field of structural engineering at Atelier One in London, UK. Her skills comprises coding for rationalization of complex geometries, form finding modelling exercises and gridshell optimization algorithms, having collaborated with structural engineers including Cecil Balmond for the Orbit Tower Project and Prof. Chris J.K. Williams for research in Gridshells at Atelier One.

She holds a degree of Architecture from the Facultad de Arquitectura, Diseño y Urbanismo de la Universidad de Buenos Aires (FADU-UBA). It was also at UBA where she underwent studies of Structural Engineering before coming to London, where she graduated with Distinction from DRL – Design Research Laboratory – Masters of Architecture at the Architectural Association, in 2010. Since then she has been actively involved in teaching workshops for students of Architecture focusing on computational tools for structural optimization at various universities including FADU-UBA, Leipzig University, University of Bath, Universidad de Sevilla and Universidad Javeriana de Bogota, Colombia.

Dimitra A., iro K., Vassia D. / Wireflies

Angelopoulou Dimitra, Diamanti Vasiliki, Karantaki Meropi (Iro) are architects, designers and game developers. They gained the Bachelor’s degree from the Architecture School of the Aristotle University. In 2013 they graduated from The Bartlett School of Architecture (UCL) with distinction attending the MArch postgraduate programme GAD. Their research focused on architecture and video games, computation and digital design practices.

Wireflies is their thesis project at MArch GAD, RC7 studio by Jose Sanchez. It explores the potentials of creating an architectural system through a playful design process. It is about user’s creative expression, who through decision making explores new strategies in architectural design. Wireflies game explores new building blogs of architecture working around the collection of the wind energy and its distribution. Players can use light patterns to intuitively redefine the topology of the circuits and information networks that run through the building fabric. Wireflies Project has been awarded with the silver award from The Bartlett School of Architecture (UCL).

Arthur Carabott 


Arthur Carabott is a human, he spends his time on music, programming, teaching and other necessary activities. He currently works for the Asif Khan architecture / design studio, with whom he worked on the Beatbox Pavilion in the Olympic Park, which he will be talking about in the presentation that you will have presented to you.

Special Guest:

Gilles Retsin


Gilles Retsin is a Belgian born architect holding a Masters in Architecture + Urbanism (Dist) from the Architectural Association School of Architecture’s Design Research Laboratory (AA.DRL). His current research and interest is focused on developing Object-Oriented Design as an emergent, open-source paradigm for architecture which offers a neutral but consistent design strategy for radical differentiation on a range of scales, from the tectonic to the urban. He gained professional experience while working in Germany and Switzerland, most notably as architect with LAVA in Stuttgart and as project architect with Christian Kerez in Zurich. Gilles is senior designer at research-based design firm Kokkugia in London,where he is closely involved in ongoing research into non-linear design methodologies. He is also co-founder of SofKill Design, a collective design studio investigating generative design methodologies for additive manufacturing. He is Unit Master of GAD-Research Cluster 4 together with Manuel Jimenez Garcia and Diploma Unit 6 at University of East London with Isaie Bloch and has been unit Master at the AA visiting school in Shanghai. He lectured and taught extensively in Belgium, Germany, Finland and China.

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